• Jill Marber

Are You Overwhelming Your Audience?

Most companies worry about not being in front of their audience enough. However, a lot of organizations have the opposite problem. Your audience is constantly being bombarded with message after message by competing companies. A lot can get lost in the noise. But, what if you are the one creating the noise? If you are out there too much, posting too many things, and running too many ads, people will stop paying attention.

So how do you find the balance?

Time-Release Your Social Media

No one wants to see 30 posts from the same business in one week, let alone one day, on your social media feed. It is much more effective to determine when your target audience is most likely on different platforms and post one thing at a time. Even having a day or two in between will be much more effective than overwhelming your reader. Annoyed audiences rarely equal business for you.

So, Tell Me About You

Stop talking about yourself so much. Talk about your audience, or at least to your audience. What do they want to hear? Every one of your competitors is tooting their own horn, but how many are listening to their audience? Depending on your business, this could be highlighting one of your customer’s businesses to conducting client interviews to running a contest. Your target will be more engaged and more likely to pay attention.

Make it Meaningful

Awe, I love photos of cute, cuddly kittens just as much as the next sucker, but what does that have to do about your business? Inspirational quotes, silly photos (depending on your business), and random links rarely do anything to boost your business. Your message needs to tell a relevant story about your company.

Give Them Variety

Your brand is important and needs to stay consistent, but your message, ads, and posts can all be changed up. Your audience wants to see something new, but not too out there because they need to know it comes from you. You need to maintain your brand. There is a balance.

We Interrupt This Message

Are you trying to communicate with your audience when they don’t want to be communicated with? We have all grown accustomed to seeing email spam and Facebook ads, but depending on what product or service you are selling, using this type of marketing tactic may do more harm than good. Investigate when and where your target would be open to learning more about your business instead of hitting them over the head with it.

Pay Attention

Thanks to social media, we can usually get a feel for how our audience feels about our messaging. If engagement is down, maybe it is because they aren’t interested. Another factor with social media is you can also see how your target feels about your competition. If they are receiving a lot of attention, look for how often they are posting and what they are posting.

Finding the balance between over-exposure and under-exposure can be a challenge, but if you take cues from your audience, pay attention to your competitors, and take the time to craft an interesting message, it can be done successfully.