• Jill Marber

Improving the Customer Experience

Customer feedback is a big deal. You want to know what people think of you, right? Beyond identifying if you are the favorite brand on the block, client opinions provide marketers and company owners with knowledge that they can use to improve their business, products and consumer experiences. Having this information can not only contribute to improving your organization, but helps you determine client satisfaction, delivers invaluable insight that will assist in creating a better consumer experience, and will increase customer retention. Tracking your client’s satisfaction can be done in person, through email, via the phone, or on your website or mobile app.

Customer viewpoints are commonly used throughout the development phase to ensure that the end product is something that the client needs or wants. This insight can help you create something that exceeds expectations and keeps consumers excited. Surveys are the most popular method for getting feedback. They’re easy to set up, easy to send out, easy to examine, and scale well. Some businesses may get poor results if they don’t send out a survey correctly. To be efficient and gain the most information, studies should be kept short with only a few key questions, and only the questions that you need. Every issue should serve a purpose and be open-ended. This way you’ll have an idea of what your clients are actually thinking.

Sound business decisions are based on data, not guesses, or too many times owners and marketers make big calls based on inaccurate data. The most ground-breaking companies are the best at creating products that their clients can’t live without. Use your analytics. While many analytics products don’t tell us what individual people are doing because they were built to track websites as a whole, your consumer analytics allow you to see the activity of individual people. When we look through the activity of people, it’s much easier to identify the reason why certain outcomes occur. With this data, we know who didn’t value our business. We could reach out to them directly or follow up with a survey. Use this feedback to guide your company and marketing decisions.

Improving the customer experience should be the primary reason you gather client responses. In today’s competitive business world, these companies who can intertwine product development and client opinions will be the ones that reap substantial competitive advantages, have sticky customer loyalty, and earn raving consumer fans.