• Jill Marber

Is Rebranding the Best for Your Business?

The idea of changing your brand may seem out there, but if your sales are dwindling, or your look is starting to look dated, it may be time to consider a brand makeover. You probably spent a lot of money and time with your marketing agency crafting the perfect logo, website, and message. Rebranding may seem scary, but not rebranding may be doing more harm than good. Pepsi, Instagram, and even Apple have rebranded, and it all worked out well for them, so why not you?

Is a rebrand right for you?

That depends. Many agencies tell clients that to have a successful business is to possess a reliable, recognizable, and consistent brand. This is true, but your brand has to work. Is your tagline not making sense anymore? Are you using a color palette that was all the rage 20 years ago? If yes, chances are it is making you appear old-fashioned. Maybe your logo and message don't fit with your company anymore now that your business has evolved. You have to look what your business does, what it wants to say, and who your target market Does your brand create a sense of urgency, yet your look is wavy and blue? Do you want your customers to trust you, but your brand is covered in bold red and black fonts? Is your target audience getting younger, yet you are using darker traditional imagery?

What is in a rebrand?

Your brand should always be a work in progress because tastes, viewpoints, the social conscience, and needs continuously change. That being said, your brand is not merely your logo or your website. It is everything. Rebranding can also include your tagline, tradeshow booths, social media postings, advertisements, signage, and more. Some businesses take it a step further and redecorate their office space to match their new look. Even more, employees are sometimes encouraged to create personal brands that mesh with the company look.

Just think of a rebrand like a makeover. We all need to update our clothes and our hairstyle from time to time. Your business needs to do the same. A brand is more than the logo or the tagline; it is the perception of your business. However, the perception of your business depends heavily on the elements of your brand. Your brand was created with specific features designed to speak to your audience. Maintaining those connections, and gaining new ones, through your brand needs to evolve especially as your business grows.