• Jill Marber

Is This the Next Big Content Campaign?

You know you should blog. You know you need SEO, customer interaction, and to establish yourself as an expert. But, did you know there is another type of content campaign that is just as flexible, current, and give you the power to connect with your audience in new ways?

I’m talking about a commenting campaign. A commenting campaign is an organized effort to remark on other people’s blogs and social media posts. This can be anything from a reader leaving a question, to a statement expressing their appreciation for the information. This relationship between blogs, bloggers and blog readers is an exceptional avenue to share opinions, ideas, attract traffic, and keep your momentum going. It provides businesses the unique opportunity to engage customers as an equal partner, without seeming invasive.

What are the main advantages of committing to a commenting campaign?

• Build Your Profile – Commenting will not only get you seen, but it can also get people to pay attention. While they may not directly respond to your remarks, your name will be in front of them, hopefully sparking recognition when they are looking to buy.

• Showcase Your Expertise – Sharing what you know and what your company does best will increase your credibility and gain exposure. Commenting leads to a conversation which leads to building relationships and then to an interest in your business.

• Get to Know Your Industry – Reading and leaving observations can connect you to others in your market and help you get a better feel for industry trends. It is the new way to network, without the cheesy happy hour.

• Drive Traffic to Your Site and Blog – Being engaged on a site or social media page will start to make others become curious about your business, enticing them to check you out. In addition, when you comment from your company’s profile, you build your SEO.

• Get New Ideas – Committing to reading and becoming involved in the conversation may be inspiring, for both your potential target and your business.

It may seem odd at first to recognize that commenting on other people’s blogs is cyclical. Engagement for others will only drive engagement towards your own blog and social media. Just as a blog allows you to be flexible and updated, sharing new products, new hires, updated services, thoughts on life, and everything else in between, commenting shows your counterparts that you are invested in their efforts. It helps make your entire content strategy more interactive and grows your following.