• Jill Marber

Why B2B Firms Need a Content Strategy

When you think of blogging, social media, and content campaigns that grab your attention, usually B2C companies come to mind. But, B2B businesses need eye-catching content marketing just as much as B2C organizations. What makes it even more complicated is that to deliver content that attracts and retains customers, it needs to be strategic, even more so than B2C concepts because you are speaking to experts and business leaders. If you mess up, they know it and they hold you accountable. So, how can you create a campaign that will speak to your specific audience and establish your business as an organization that is worth paying attention to?

Define Your Target

B2B marketing most likely has an even more defined audience than B2C. Clearly define them and then concentrate your efforts on where your customers are, not where the masses are. This can sometimes be even easier than in the B2C space because you know what organizations, conventions, and publications cater to your prospects.

Speak the Language

While B2C businesses tend to keep their words and phrases more generic in many cases, B2B companies need to talk in their terms. Using industry specific vocabulary establishes that you know what you are talking about and are familiar with the market. Not using industry language could position your business as a newcomer or amateur.

Identify the Buyer’s Journey

How is your product or service purchased? Is it a long or short sales cycle? Understanding the unique context of your buying process and the path to making a purchase will allow your content marketing strategy to be timed correctly when influencing decision points. Your target customer’s preferred media channels, formats, and communication styles may vary widely, and you need to be informed on where they are and what they are open to absorbing in different buying stages.

Decide What the Goal Is

Is your goal to drive awareness, establish your business as knowledgeable, or just to drive sales? Just as with B2C companies, identifying what your goals are will determine the entire campaign and what avenues to take.

Don’t Lose Your Brand

Your brand is more than your website or your name. It is everything and everywhere. From your social media to your press releases, everything content related and beyond should reflect your brand. Don’t lose your branding standards in your content messaging; it will only confuse your prospects and create a loss of respect for your organization.

Your fundamental marketing goal is to convert your target audience into buyers. Whether that is through blogging, email campaigns, social media, or press releases, your content should reflect your brand and speak to your prospects in each piece.