• Jill Marber

You Really Do Need a Blog

Everyone says you should blog these days, but why ? For SEO? Customer interaction? Expert status?

If you want your company to stand out….yes, yes and yes.

In order to compete, your business needs to have an SEO strategy. Only then can you succeed in the dominion of online marketing. Your organization’s branding efforts and online presence may have other campaigns in place, but will be incomplete without effective SEO. Having a blog is the perfect way to achieve this. Connecting with your audience through content has never been easier. Hiring a firm to write your blogs will not only save you frustration, it will save you time, and earn you respect from potential customers. It is time to stop putting off having a blog on your website and show your audience that you know what it means to be an industry leader.

A blog may be the last thing on your to-do list, but it should be a priority.

It’s fun, cheap, a revenue-driver, and what all the cool kids are doing.

Not everyone is a writer. This may seem obvious, but it is something not everyone understands. And, to make it more complicated, you may be a good writer, but that doesn’t mean you are a business blog writer. Just because someone on your full-time staff is valuable at writing emails, or has fabulous communication skills doesn’t mean they can effectively write your blog. Business blogging is a very specific form of literature. It may not be exciting like fiction, or incredibly thought-provoking as news journalism, but painting a picture of your business while keeping your audience engaged is a true skill.

If you don't believe your brand deserves mind-blowing content and blogs, then why would anyone consider your brand credible, let alone incredible?

Don’t you want your message to be effective the first time? Every time?