• Jill Marber

Your Website is Missing Something

A website is usually the first impression someone will have of your company. You may feel it is updated, relevant, easy to navigate, and simple to view on multiple devices. But, if you don’t know if those boxes are checked, it may be time for an overhaul of your online campaign.

Below are six questions to ask before you site back, relax, and chill out about your website.

Is Your Website Creative?

Websites today are now more original than ever, and even the most cut-and-dry company needs some creativity on their site. Typography, hover effects, large images, and scrolling effects all buildup responsiveness and keeps the site fresh and interesting. However, don’t lose your image in too many creative elements.

Is Your Site Mobile?

You online presence should be just as notable on a mobile phone as on a laptop. Responsive web design is the practice of having the site’s screen size decrease so that the text, layout, and images fit properly on a smart device. With no more zooming or sideways scrolling, this method offers a prime viewing experience for your audience.

Is Your Content Still Relevant?

If you make the content thought-provoking, it will gather much more attention than monotonous rumblings about your company. Tell people about your business, but in a way they will connect with. The modern audience is cleverer, more informed, and armed against being scammed. Don’t insult them with simple, uninspiring content.

Does Your Website Have a Blog?

Are you adding new products, services or staff? If there are exciting happenings at your business, or you have relevant industry news to share, then it needs a blog. In fast, who doesn’t have a blog these days? A blog allows you to continuously update the content on your website, which in turn amps up your SEO and increases your presence as an expert.

Are There Links to Your Social Media?

If you have a social media presence you are proud of you need to add social media links to your website. This is a very east way for the user to connect with your business, and for you to cross-promote your blog, newsletter, events, and more. You will increase likes and page views simultaneously, while growing your following.

Do You Have Testimonials?

Testimonials have been around forever, but they are still super important. Instead of having a isolated page on your website for testimonials, they can be selectively chosen to appear throughout your website, your newsletter, and throughout your social media platforms. Like blogs, this increases your credibility especially if you have some big-name or established clients.

Businesses are able to convey themselves in more ways than ever before; however, no matter what updates are made, today’s user expects a relevant, eye-catching, and mobile-friendly website. If your site is no longer generating excitement, it may be time to call your marketing professional. Your website should always be a work in progress because it plays a vital role in your communication with visitors, potential customers, and those all-powerful and mighty search engines.