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The Why

Why hire a copywriter?

Why is good copy important?

Why work with BCM?


Why hire a freelance copywriter?

You may have a world-class team in place, but chances are they are focused on the
front-end responsibilities of bringing revenue into your company. When you hire a
freelance content writer, those responsibilities are at the top of the to-do list and
are done quickly and professionally.


There are meetings to have, calls to make, emails to send, reports to file - and they all take time. Most likely, writing a blog or creating a social media post falls at the bottom of your to-do list. 


For your content to be taken seriously, you need a particular type of writer - not just an expert that knows grammar and keywords, but one that is knowledgeable in different styles. 


When you hire a freelance content writer, you only pay for the project and hours you need. Stop wasting money on water cooler conversations and start targeting your spending.

Why is good copy important?

Brands need the rights words to express themselves in our current, increasingly digital marketplace. Consumers are absorbing content differently, but they are also more mindful of communications and brand identities. Modern copy is a new kind of challenge - one that I can help with.

Why work with BCM?

A good copywriter can help set you miles ahead of your competition, establishing you as the go-to brand in your niche, and convert copy into sales across an assortment of platforms. BCM helps your product resonate with your target customer, no matter the size of your business. 

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The right copy creates a strong opportunity to connect between brands and customers. Unlike anything else, good copy stirs emotions, conveys beliefs, and generates excitement.


Copy should tell a brand's story while inspiring the customer, establishing trust, and creating a moment of contact. Having less than par copy doesn't speak highly of your brand. 


Copy has always been important, but modern copy takes on a brand new kind of challenge. We are living in a digital world, and it's vital that online content is optimized for SEO. 


It starts with a phone or video call so we can dive a bit deeper into your project. I'll get some insight into your brand, your values, and the kind of energy you want to infuse into your campaign.


Next, we will get specific about your product, challenges you've had, and any goals or initiatives that are important. Then, we will confirm deadlines, arrive at a budget, and develop a plan. 


Once finished, a final copy doc will be delivered to you by your due date, and you'll have engaging copy that checks all your boxes and transforms your platforms into 24/7 sales machines. 

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